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If your business is a food manufacturing facility or any other business involved in the storage, processing or retailing of dried products including cereals and grains then you are at risk of developing a Stored Product Insect infestation. SPIs are insects that infest stored food products, such as flour, rice, barley, dried fruits and nuts.There are many different species of these insects and all can do considerable damage to your raw materials and can contaminate your finished products, resulting in significant financial losses. Rentokil have a specific SPI monitoring and control package, which can be adapted to suit your individual facility and SPI requirements.

Our Stored Product Insect solution includes:
• Detection of SPIs within your premises, using highly effective x-lure insect monitors.
• Highly targeted insecticide spray treatments
• Fumigation of buildings or commodities
• Deep cleaning of production facilities
• Heat treatment of buildings or machinery

Rentokil's Flexible Heat Pod has been designed to encompass most the irregular sizes and shapes of food production machinery and works by targeting heat at the item that needs to be treated.This chemical free heat treatment kills all stages of the insect's lifecycle from egg to adult, making it a cost effective way to deal with insect infestations. The Flexible Heat Pod has been designed by Rentokil to be quick and easy to install within customers premises. Offering the ease and convenience of treating insect infested items on site. This allows quicker treatment and eliminates the risk of items being damaged when taken off site.

Benefits to your business
• Saves time and money by quickly eliminating SPI infestations before they can damage your raw materials or end products.
• Effective control solutions -- an integrated pest management programme can quickly reduce pest infestations.
• Peace of mind -- through on-going and effective monitoring and reporting on SPIs
Reasons to use Rentokil Pest Control
Fast response and quick solutions - with our national coverage you can be sure that Rentokil has a technician close by, who can reach our customers quickly when needed.
The best people for the task -- peace of mind that the job will be done properly ever time. Our teams are well trained, experienced and professional.

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