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Revolutionary Double head wireless ultrasound probe device operation Video

Wireless electronic ultrasonic scanner
– Scanning method: electronic array scanning;

– Probe frequency: convex array 3.5MHz, line array 7.50MHz;

– Probe parameters 128 array elements, 32 channels;

– Scanning depth: convex array 100mm~280mm, line array 20mm~40mm;

– Display mode: B, B/M, color version with PW, PDI, Color mode;

– Image adjustment: gain, focus, inverting pulse harmonics, noise reduction;

– Battery working time: 2~3 hours;

– Charging method: wireless charging;

– Measurement function: distance, area, circumference, heart rate, obstetrics;

– Size: 156mm × 60mm × 20mm;

– Weight: 250g;

– Probe and phone/table connection: wifi wireless connection;

– Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/2.4G-5G/54Mbps;

– Software support system: Apple Apple MacOSx and Android Android;

– Image frame rate: 12f/s;

– Consultation function: Internet remote consultation directly through mobile phone and tablet, also
Support on-site multi-cell phone/tablet display on the same screen for consultation.

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