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Risley Eclips EX300 Multi Purpose Carrier with Risley Cutline mulcher-Video

EX300 ECLIPS High Drive Flex-Trac Machine
The Eclips EX300 is a multipurpose workhorse, built for applications in forestry, oilfield, construction, agriculture, to name few. Powering the EX300 is a 325hp Cummins QSL tier III engine. Machine control is managed with Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1™ Control system. Through an electric over hydraulic control the PLUS+1™ system manages engine and hydraulic horsepower to provide a true multi-functional control to all mobility and attachment systems.

The EX300 features a High and Live Flex-Track system. The hydrostatically driven Lohman high drive is located in the (Type 2) chassis. This combination of High and Live allows for the high drive system to manage only the forces required to maneuver the machine and the lower track undercarriage manages the static and running live weight of the machine.

The High and Live Flex-Trac system offers greater stability and mobility with the D.T.S (Dynamic Transfer Suspension) which dynamically transfers machine weight to each track frame as uneven terrain is encountered. This in combination with the Flex-Trac system allows minimal moving effort and maximum tractive effort as obstacles and terrain are encountered.

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