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Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep - Video

Designed with the small acreage hay farmer and equine facility in mind, the Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is an efficient, simple, fast way to pick up small square bales using the finesse, manuverability and unobstructed sight path of a skidsteer.

Works great for the land owner that has someone come in and cut and bale, but has no easy way to pick up hay. Also for the production farmer that loads out a lot of hay. No need to buy two pieces of equipment, the Bale Sweep takes the place of a bale accumulator and bale grapple, or can be used as an accumulator for a bale grapple. Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep carries hay off the ground, so it will not drag good hay around and ingest with dirt and rocks, will not weaken bale twine and will not knock back next cutting of hay.

Stubble will always keep bale off the ground enough to slide forks underneath. Picks up bales 'on string', just use wagon chute on baler or remove side wing on quarter turn chute. Bales travel better 'on string' with less chance to roll or fall off trailer.

Can be used as an accumulator for bale grapples.

Built by horse people for horse people.

Available in 8 pack or 10 pack depending on the size and load capacity of your skid steer.

Will pick up 14'x18' or 16'x18' bales.

Built-in front step allows for easy skid steer entry.

No moving parts and no hydraulics or hydraulic hoses to deal with.

Load trailer, farm wagon, into a stack, into the barn or load the haypod on a horse trailer.

Heavy duty steel construction.

Durable powder coat finish in matte black.

Attaches using universal skidsteer mount plate.

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