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Seal Scarer DVD. US2 (seal deterrent device) by Ace Aquatec

The US2 seal scrammer, is a seal deterrent, designed by John Ace-Hopkins of Ace Aquatec. This is a silent scramming device that protects commercial fisheries from seal predation. Currently most fish farmers shoot seals on sight, an inhumane and destructive practice. Other companies also sell seal scaring devices however they are highly prone to seal habituation due to the constant noise emitted from the device. Ace Aquatec has developed and patented the only trigger system that allows the device to remain silent until the appearance of a predatory seal. If the attacks grow more frequent the noise levels increase on an ascending scale. Trials have found the US2 100% effective in protecting stocks from predation, and seals from death by shooting.
This is a highly effective deterrent for seals attacking commercial fish farms

The question remains - why are more farms not using the Ace Aquatec US2?

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