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Silage Blade Packing Roller Combo Video

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Check out SunovaWorX new Patent pending silage blade packing roller combo.

•Push, Layer and Pack silage in 1 single pass.

o Packing roller:
• In combination with the duals of the tractor we can now pack the full with of the tractor in 1 single pass.
• NOW you can pack to the end wall of the bunk instead of leaving the last 12' unpacked.
• Semi Auto programmable roller preset pressure control, transfers a portion of the weight of the tractor to the roller Accurately and consistent.
• More acquired layer control.
• Be able to always pack the centre on narrow bunks.

o Wings:
• Forward and back folding wings, allows the tractor tires to get close to the side walls.
• Gives more maneuverability when close to the side walls.
• Great for narrow bunks to finish up the crown of the pile.

o Blade
• Very good visibility.
• Folds up nice and tight to ..... Feet for road transport.

o Benefits:
• Gain time, save fuel, at the same time don't lose packing capacity.

o Why:
• Forage harvesters got bigger over the years, more hp and more tons per hour.
• Transport from field to bunk was (or is) forced to increase carrying capacity.

o As a result:
• Overload at the bunk
• Now giving up Packing density, (quality) Lower quality feed, lesser tonnage in bunk.
• Instead of 1 unit on the bunk, now 2 or sometimes 3 units in order to maintain the capacity.
• Extra cost on fuel, labor, etc.
• To keep up with the tons per hour delivered to the bunk is a real challenge for the operator on the packing tractor.
• In order to maintain a good quality packing job you need layer control, weight and time.
• Our blade design get's you the capability to push, Layer and pack silage in 1 pass.
• It gets you a couple steps closer to increase packing capacity on the bunk while not giving up time to push the material in place.

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