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SKA Eos - Broiler Feeder Video

EOS is the new and innovative feeder designed by SKA for the broiler industry. EOS has been studied in detail to fit perfectly to the needs of the animals, from the first days until the end of the cycle. In the early days, the pan is laid on the ground. The flat bottom (just 55 mm high) makes it very easy for chicks to access feed. The main feature of this feeder is the center bell, which greatly reduce the opening area, thus preventing the chicks to get inside, so there is no waste, the feed stays clean and there is risk no risk of getting them stuck. The transition from chicks to adults that is done gradually through the centralized winching system that is operated by lifting the entire line of feeders. This way the amount of feed that comes on the plate decreases, thanks to an innovative system of rotating windows. On the tenth day of the cycle the pan is lifted from the floor, minimizing feed delivery and maximizing space, allowing easy feeding even for adult birds. While the final feed level adjustment is done at the very beginning of the cycle, it can be still changed, should the need arises, by simply turning the pan around the drop tube.

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