Some of the Machines-Video

This video introduces Slurry tankers, incorporators, drip hoose booms and manure spreaders. You'll meet the PG 25, a 25 cubic meter slurry tanker with a 7.5 meter incorporator.

Next is a PG II 35. That's a 35 cubic meter slurry tanker here seen with an 8.6 meter incorporator and a 12 meter disc injector for grass and seeding fields. Finally the PG II 35 appears with a 28 meter drip hos boom.

The SG 23 is a model specially designed to the Class Xerion tractors. Featuring a Swan neck this slurry tanker has a very small turning radius reducing turn around time on the headlands. The SG 23 can be seen with a 7.5 meter incorporator.

The last machine to be show cased is the manure spreader SPB24. The machine is very versatile supporting spreading widths from 12-24 meters. The SPB24 is equipped with a power full shredder making it capable of handling all jobs from ordinary manure to industrial spreadable waste.

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