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Stronga Low body trailer LL800. Manitou telehandler & low trailer-Video

Stronga low body trailers (LowLoada 800) are designed to provide robust and durable performance, leading to low maintenance and service costs. Our reliable and well proven low loader designs are intended for agricultural or commercial use.

As part of our commitment to quality, Stronga aim to deliver the best in class equipment and it starts by listening to what our customers want from their low body trailers. From speaking to our existing low loader customers, we were able to understand the key features that were most important to them when transporting heavy machinery, equipment and materials.

The Stronga LL800 low body trailer is the most effective, well-proven and efficient low body system in the trailer transport market today. Over the years, the low loader design has evolved on the inside to form what is now the lowest and most reliable design possible.

In the video, watch the low body trailer safely and securely transporting a heavy Manitou telehandler. The heavy-duty low loader design is commonly used by customers for transporting heavy machinery like Telehandlers, diggers and excavators. Owing to its ultra-low roller height, the Stronga low loader trailer is more suited to efficiently transporting tall equipment than any other trailer available today.

Stronga low body trailer systems are specified, designed and manufactured with the customer in mind:
• Carefully positioned anti-slip bars combined with the ultra-low ramp angle ensure easy, safe and secure loading of tall material and equipment.
• Stronga low loaders can be tailored to meet requirements with great options like well decks and outriggers for transporting high and wide equipment. Such equipment includes combine harvesters, Telehandlers, diggers, excavators and forestry equipment, to name a few.
• Low loader trailer customers can choose from various low body models in the Stronga range for the right bed length and carrying capacity for their machinery/equipment.
• Our LowLoada trailers are manufactured at the lowest possible ride height for easy loading of heavy machinery and many other materials/equipment.
• The Stronga low loader platform features removable wooden boarding so customers can access a lower platform bed to transport even higher products.
• Multiple lashing points around the platform. Transported loads can be safely and securing tied down to the low body platform to optimise security on the road.
• Simple, powerful and heavy-duty design delivers maximum durability and reliability in low body transport. The low loader trailer chassis is made from ultra-high strength steels in high stress areas for maximum performance life, leading to reduce maintenance and service costs.
• The Stronga low body trailer has an abundance of stowage area for chains, straps and any other loose equipment that the customer may have.

The Stronga low loader trailer range is a very popular transport solution for the professional contractor. Stronga are your trusted low body transport advisers. Contact us today for more information on low body trailers for agricultural or commercial use.

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