Sweere - Floreto, cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce floretting machine-Video

The 'Floreto' floretting,coring machine extract the core of broccoli,cauliflower and lettuce.
By listening to our customers, and the experience gathered through elaborate testing, we present the Floreto! The Floreto was designed to deliver increased performance, more durability, and homogeneous florets.

The Floreto is an innovative product with a continual running intake belt combined with a new motional knife construction capable of higher capacity, more precision, and increased lifespan of the knives. The unit is now also capable of seamless switching between floretting various vegetables by the push of a button.

The all-new design allows for easy operation. Size and depth of cutting can be adjusted electronically. The product is fed into the machine with the core pointing upwards; the florets and waste material leave the machine seperately.

For more information about this machine, please contact us at: (+31) (0) 165 315 536.

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