Termite - Firewood Processor Video


Graetz Mfg. Inc. inventor of numerous quality products, including the Hook & Eye Barn Cleaner Chain announces our new TERMITE Firewood Processor.
Cut and Split wood to 14' diameter- approx. 1 ½ - 2 cords/hour (dependent on run of wood)

The GRAETZ TERMITE Firewood Processor is a powerhouse. Features include:
• Kohler 25 horsepower gas engine
o 12 Volt Electric Start
• 15 amp charging system
• 3 gallon gas tank
• 14 gallon per minute Prince pump direct bolt and drive to motor system (no coupler needed)
• 15 gallon hydraulic tank and filter
• Hydraulic Saw
o Standard 18' Bar (capable of handling 16'-20' bar)
o 3/8- pitch x .050 gauge chain
o Hydraulic Saw Motor
• Prince 30 Ton Splitter Ram
o Up to 24' Stroke
• Hydraulic Valve Bank
o Prince and Sauer-Danfoss
• Sauer-Danfoss In and Out Feed Conveyor Motors
o Hydraulically Driven
o Fully Reversible
o Variable speed
o Out Feed conveyor --Extended length 12' with maximum operating height of 10'

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