The Brush Master Video

The BrushMaster® was specifically developed to clear property quickly -- up to 5 times faster than the competition -- leaving an attractive appearance to the land while retaining larger trees.

The machine clears property quickly leaving an attractive appearance to the land while retaining trees larger than 4' in diameter. This machine cuts differently from our slope mowing machines. The BrushMaster reduces all undergrowth to cuttings that lay flat on the ground.

The BrushMaster pushes brush and trees forward cutting everything close to the ground then running over the cut mate4rials, recutting them into small clippings that pass through the rear discharge cutting deck. The clippings are left flat on the ground where they quickly deteriorate and fertilize the forest land.

It also works on slopes up to 32° and comes standard with a powerful 83 HP Cummins, liquid cooled diesel engine driving three hydraulic blade drive motors and dual hydro-static transmissions that allow the zero turn capability that is so necessary for efficient clearing. The 88' front mount, triple blade, rotary deck clears everything in its path, making this machine perfect for right of ways, parks, trails, survey lines, wildland-urban interface areas and the removal of brush.

This machine is so reliable that it is supported by a one year warranty. For highest efficiency, lowest labor, minimum maintenance and longest life -- get the BRUSHMASTER®!

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