The Mega Slope Master Video

The MegaSlopeMaster is the big brother of the SuperSlopeMaster mower. It used in the same environment as the SuperSlopeMaster offering the extra duty commercial user with a larger option cutting typical commercial sloes up to 40°.

It is the largest zero-turn-radius (ZTR) steep slope mower manufactured in the world. With an 88' swath, nothing will cut your slopes faster or more efficiently than this machine.

The MegaSlopeMaster is designed to cut rough terrain, including heavy grass and weeds, as well as light brush and small saplings. It is powered by a water cooled 83 HP Yanmar Turbo Diesel, turning three 3/8' thick cutting blades. Each of the three blades has its own hydraulic drive motor eliminating the typical single drive belt. The machine is built using 1/4' steel members. It will withstand impacting an object at 6MPH without damage to the machine. The mowed materials are rear discharged for maximum safety from thrown objects. These blades are manufactured in both flat and high lift configurations, to handle both rough cutting and finish mowing. Combine that cutting power with true zero-turn-radius maneuverability, and you have the most efficient slope mowing machine in the world. Other skid steer zero-turn-radius machines can not compete with the MegaSlopeMaster. Steering wheel machines don't even compare.

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