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Til-Aqua International is specialized in producing All Male Tilapia WITHOUT the use of hormones. The so-called Super Male Technology. Worldwide sales of these NMT and the special brood stock producing these NMT.
Specialist in Red Tilapia (pure O. niloticus).

All Male Tilapia - without hormones:
- No hormones in consumption fish
- No daily contact with hormones (feeding)
- No environmental harm
- No ecological impact (masculinization)
- No decrease in fish resistance caused by the use of testosterone (Harris and Bird, 2000)
- Special Natural Male Tilapia producing broodstock for the Tilapia industry
- NMT fry and fingerlings
- Different strains
- Worldwide distribution
- Tilapia hatchery management, design and construction

Complete hatchery setup and management are supplied by Til-Aqua in cooperation with Fleuren&Noooijen (fleuren&nooijen.nl).

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