Weed Badger

Weed Badger In-row Under-canopy Tillage, Up Close Video

The Model 4200 Weed Badger is shown close-up, working in a vineyard. Note the soil condition immediately after precision the in-row tillage pass. The Posi-Depth Control Plate, shown between the Teeth, is set before going into the field and maintains consistent shallow depth. The subsoil is undisturbed, protecting soil structure, crop roots, and allowing microbiota to remain colonized. Exclusive ground tracking ensures all Weed Badger in-row tillers to float over the soil terrain independent of tractor front-to-back pitch and side-to-side roll. Up-front visibility allows you to work confidently even after the vine row canopy has grown out.

The Model 4200 and Model 4000 Weed Badgers can be operated in three retract/extend modes: 1) manual 2) semi-automatic 3) automatic with fingertip sensor override. The Model 4200 is shown operated in automatic mode with fingertip sensor override.

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