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Weed Badger Mowers Video

The Weed Badger Model SS600 may be used as a tiller or mower. In this video you see the SS600 mowing in and out, around trees. The unique steering maneuverability of the skid steer allows precise in-row mowing or tillage. This machine package will work along and under fenceline, road shoulders, buildings...anyplace you'd otherwise have to use a string trimmer.

Any Weed Badger may be used as an precision in-row tiller or mower. The Model 4000 Weed Badger is shown with the Mower Attachment installed. This Model 4000 is mowing evergreen trees without an automatic sensor installed. It is operated, using the fingertip Retract/Extend-Tilt Control in semi-automatic mode. Sensors can be used with the Weed Badger Mower Attachment anytime. The Weed Badger Mower Attachment is used where permanent cover is maintained in orchards, groves, vineyard, hillside plantings, along and under fenceline, and road shoulders. The Weed Badger Mower Attachment cuts at a 2-inch height. The mower deck is low profile at approximately 7 inches high. The deck is free-turning allowing trash and large weeds to drop off during operation. This design also allows the deck to roll around trunks, stakes and posts freely.

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