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Wessex ProLine RMX-180 & RMX-240 Roller Mower Video

The Wessex ProLine RMX range starts with the RMX180, a 1.8m working width roller mower which has all the features and benefits of the larger models in the range into a compact body which is less than 2m overall width.

Along with a low minimum power requirement of just 30hp, this makes the RMX 180 an ideal choice for users of compact tractors. Three rotors spin at high speed beneath the superbly crafted mowing deck, to make short work of semi-rough grass on golf courses, large lawns at private estates and small contract work.

At 2.54m wide the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on UK roads. Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring costs of a folding wing model, yet still offering a 2.4m cut width, the RMX-240 is our most popular roller mower.


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