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Western States Multigenerational Centrifugal Video

Western States continues to make advancements in centrifugal technology as it expands its footprint into more than 35 countries around the globe. From its early beginnings, Western States has built its success on three principles: quality products, superior service and building relationships.

The Western States Machine Company was founded in 1917 to develop and manufacture improvements for centrifugals in the sugar industry. In 1950, Western States expanded its centrifugal line to include centrifuges for non-sugar industries including separation of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since its inception, Western States has grown to become a world-wide supplier of centrifugals for both the sugar and non-sugar industries, with more than 6,000 centrifugals installed.

Western States is located at 625 Commerce Center Drive, Fairfield, Ohio and can be reached by telephone +1 513.863.4758; by email innovation@westernstates.com; or via the website at www.westernstates.com.

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