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wood sawdust pellet mill machine working for fuel - Video

Pellet machine for feeding or fuel
pellet mill wood pellet mill rice husk pellet machine for fuel or feeding via judy@zzsinatural.com
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how pellet machine working:
Raw material:corn straw, haulm, Rice husk, wheat straw, wheat hull, wheat bran, bean stalk, cotton stalk, medicine residue, furfural residue, lees, branches, leaves and sawdust. hay, discarded edible fungus bag,Recycled plastic and all the life garbage etc.

Application: fuel or feeding pellet

1 Advanced mould combination technology: adopted new developed mould combination structure and easily to be replaced, the whole process can be completed within 10 minutes,
2 both side of the mould could be used, improved the mould utilization and reduced the cost.
3 Saving the maintenance cost:Could produced different size and specification mould according to the customer requirement.
4 Small motor power, high production capacity:Adopted advanced pellet press concept with the higher capacity and lower power, 20-30 kw lower campared with the same kind of machine, energy saving up to 30%, More powerful, more durable, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly
5 Pellet density can be adjusted:from 0.8-1.4g/㎝3, can produce fuel pellet or animal feeding pellet.
6 Easily operated, the machine equipped with variable frequency speed feeding system, overload protective device, and external discharging device, safely operated.Provide automatic lubrication device, roller do not need butter maintenance, reducing the cost
7 Automatic adjustment: the particle size and the thickness and uniformity of the material used to adjust the material before forming, so as to make the material not to be extruded, blocked and bored.
8 Main spare parts all import from oversea, bears are all produced by Japan NSK and NTD, make sure the transmission effectively, stably.
9 Automatic constant temperature: the machine adopts the technology of automatic constant temperature, outdoor temperature at minus 20 degrees and 40 degrees centigrade all can processing molding, and ensure the compression part automatic constant in the set temperature, effectively guarantee the mold and the bearing is not working in high temperature environment, greatly improving the service life of the mold and bearing.
10 Ultracold cooling system: adopting multi-channel and vertical cooling way, to ensure the maximum operating temperature of the motor and drive system within the normal range, provides effective protection for long time continuous work.

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