Zimmerman Cattle Control HVC12 Hoof & Vet Care Chute Video

Zimmerman Cattle Control's HVC12 Hoof Care Chute retains the advanced features of the earlier HCC2008. This chute is so well engineered that veterinarians recommend using these chutes for Hoof Trimming, Breeding, Palpation, and many other Veterinarian procedures.
The top winches have been replaced by positive winches for a more reliable operation; the parts are now laser-cut for higher precision, allowing it to be bolted instead of welded. This allows the unit to be shipped unassembled for more cost-effective shipping.

Standard features include front and back belly straps, Zimmerman Automatic Locking Head Gate (can be bought separately), anti-skid Rumberâ„¢ floor, positive action winches and four indendently opening side panels.

More information at www.zimmermanequipment.com or 717-738-7365.

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