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    AirCrow - Inflatable Scare Crow - Brochure

    AirCrow is the first inflatable scarecrow specifically designed to humanely defend gardens, hobby orchards, small vineyards, boat docks, gazeboes, landscaping and more. Stop birds and animals from eating your fruits, vegetables and berries without the use of unhealthy chemicals or lethal traps. AirCrow uses lifelike erratic movement, bright colors and sound to harmlessly frighten away unwanted ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Microchip Real-Time PCR analyzer AriaDNA for Identifiaction Of Grapevine Diseases Using Commercial PCR Kits - Applications Note

    Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) is one of the most widely produced fruit crop in many countries around the world. Many of the grapevine pathogens cause significant losses in both yield and quality of the crop. Thus detection and identification of bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi and viruses is very important task for the grape producers to meet the requirements of viticulture plant health control ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

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    On- Line Pressure Compensating Dripper Brochure

    Uniform flow rate from 5 to 45 m.w.h. The correct item for systems with long laterals and big slopes Suitable for orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and wherever a precise flow rate is required. Turbulent flow to avoid sedimentation and clogging ...


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    iDrop - Turbulent Flow Dripper Brochure

    iDrop Normal is suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses and wherever a precise flow rate is required. With a uniform flow rate of between 6 and 50 mWC, the iDrop PC – PCDS is ideal for systems with long lines and steep slopes. Suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses and wherever a precise flow rate is ...


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    Nixalite - Mist Net Bird & Bat Capture Netting Brochure

    For the Humane Capture of Small Birds and BatsMist NettingMist NettingNixalite Mist Netting:Made from UV resistant 2-ply nylon cord. Each net has 3 interior and one perimeter reinforcement strands. It features a 3-pocket design with 4 mounting loops at each end.• 8ft x 30ft (2.4M x 9M) mist net.• 11/16” knotted diamond mesh.• UV resistant 2-ply nylon strands.• Standard 3-pouch construction.• 8 HD ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Bare Hand - Vineyard Netting and Crop Netting - Brochure

    Bare HandTMVineyard & Crop Bird NettingSafe, Humane and Economical Bird Exclusion For Vineyards, Berry Farms and Similar CropsBird pecked grapes and berries can harbor bacterial and fungal pathogens that changes the taste of the wine or juice. To help growers save their crops from hungry birds, we offer the Bare Hand Vineyard & Crop Bird Netting. Bird netting has proven to be the most effective ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

  • Quickpower - Model 1230 - Round Balers Brochure

    Round baler for cut vine branches designed for rows more than 1600 mm wide. A number of optional features are available for model 1230, for ...

    By CAEB International Srl

  • Model 1540 Over the Row - Electrostatic Vineyard Sprayer - Brochure

    Dimensions: 108" High x 15' Long x 70" Width at Tires. Tank: 400 Gallon Stainless Steel. PTO Shaft: 540 rpm / Constant Velocity. Pump: High Volume Centrifugal. Agitation: Multiport Jet. Filter: Large Mesh - Easy to Clean. Fan: Centrifugal. Air Outlets: Patented Electrostatic. Nozzles: Low Pressure, Wear Resistant, Air Shear. Controls: Electric Standard, Hyd. & Manual Available. Air Speed: 200 ...

    By Progressive Ag Inc.

  • Model 1530V - Electrostatic Vineyard Sprayer - Brochure

    Dimensions: As Narrow as 50", 52" High to Top of Tank, 15' Overall Length. Tank: 300 Gallon Stainless Steel. PTO Shaft: 540 rpm / Constant Velocity. Pump: HighVolume Centrifugal. Agitation: Multiport Jet. Filter: Large Mesh - Easy to Clean. Fan: Centrifugal. Air Outlets: Patented Electrostatic. Nozzles: Low Pressure Air Shear / Wear Resistant. Controls: Electric Standard, Hyd & Manual ...

    By Progressive Ag Inc.

  • Micron - Model Herbidome 350 - Shielded Sprayer for Weed Control - Brochure

    Herbidome 350 is a shielded CDA sprayer suitable for a wide range of weed control applications from fruit, orchards and vineyards to amenity and forestry. ...

    By Micron Group

  • Corona - Drippers Brochure

    Ideal applications include vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape. Excellent choice for steep slopes and undulating terrain. Used in pulse irrigation ...

    By Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc

  • Model IDK - Compact Venturi Air Induction Nozzles Brochure

    Venturi air induction flat spray nozzle. IDK nozzles are excellent for applications of plant protectants to orchard/vineyard crops and specialty crops.  This compact nozzle will develop a full pattern at lower pressures.  Very low drift ...

    By Lechler Inc.

  • Model ASF - Rotary Tillers- Brochure

    model ASF is a rotary cultivator that is well suited for use with tractors that need not more weight, is particularly suited for the tillage of the most demanding crops, vineyards and orchards. It is suited to the most varied conditions of ...

    By Acma srl

  • Spin Weeder Vineyard Cultivator Brochure

    Front Mount shown with RH & LH Spin Weeder Assemblies, RH/LH 3-Blade Adjustable Disc Cultivators. Innovative, patented In-Row Cultivation Tool for Vineyards. Controls weeds without the use of chemicals. Tills soil and uproots weeds from first bloom to ...

    By Northstar Attachments, LLC

  • Bison - Model BVH-500/720 SERIES - Post Hole Diggers Brochure

    Bison offers a complete line of three-point hitch mounted post hole diggers that are designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and applications. This Bison digger save time and eliminate hard work. They are very useful for fences installation, farmyard posts, vineyards, gardening tasks, etc. They make holes with depth and diameter desired in a fast and efficient manner. The drill tip ...

    By Tecnomec Agricola

  • Manure Spreader Brochure

    Chioda Daniele & c snc produces and sells a wide range of Rear manure spreaders. Models with vertical, horizontal beaters. Standard models go from 1,5 till 30 cubic meters. Homogeneous distribution of the material between 4 and 24 m. Models with one, two, three axles, pneumatic brakes, tandem, tridem suspension, mechanical or hydraulic moving floor, hydraulic slurry door, rear protection, Pto ...

    By Chioda Daniele & C. S.n.C.

  • Model RET Series - Backhoe Loaders Brochure

    The RET backhoe model is an equipment applied to the rear lifting device of the tractor. It is used in different fields from agriculture to gardening. It is suitable to do excavations for enclosures, for irrigation plants, planting holes or in the vineyards for vine replacement. The backhoe has the moving chassis, mechanical blockage, case-hardened bushings in each movement, 250 mm bucket, ...

    By Bonatti Caricatori s.r.l.

  • Model N.G.E SF - Pressure Compensating Emitter Brochure

    The N.G.E SF is a precise, pressure compensating emitter engineered for use in vineyards, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse and landscape applications. The emitter's unique design provides flushing during operation and shutdown and prevents back-siphonage, providing added protection against ...

    By The Toro Company

  • DELFINO - Model DL (30-100 HP) - Power Harrow Brochure

    DELFINO power harrow has been designed for small farms, gardening, vineyards or orchards. The special attention given to its overall dimensions and lightness makes it an ideal implement for low HP tractors. The special design of the blades allows the soil to be broken up with low HP ...


  • Model TTC - Shredder Brochure

    The shredder TTC is designed for 16Hp a 30Hp tractors (12Kw to 23Kw). Extremely reliable, functional, rapid in grass cutting and easy to mount, it is the ideal machine for cutting grasslands, vine shoots, orchards and shredding brushwood and untamed soils. Its compact design reduces significantly all contingent bumps making the shredder nimble and reactive, providing a fast and optimum ...

    By Bellon Mit

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