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    Microchip Real-Time PCR analyzer AriaDNA for Identifiaction Of Grapevine Diseases Using Commercial PCR Kits - Applications Note

    Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) is one of the most widely produced fruit crop in many countries around the world. Many of the grapevine pathogens cause significant losses in both yield and quality of the crop. Thus detection and identification of bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi and viruses is very important task for the grape producers to meet the requirements of viticulture plant health control ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

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    Flottweg Centrifuges for Wine Production - Applications Note

    Wine is a cultural asset. The grape vine is one of the oldest cultivated plants of the world. And its success story is continuing dramatically. Lifestyle and consumption habits are changing all over the world. Quick urbanization and raising incomes are resulting in increased wine consumption, thus leading to a positive development of the wine industry. And it is still a challenge. The wine ...

    By Flottweg SE

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    Agriculture Solutions - Recommendations in Irrigation Systems to the Culture of Grapevine - Application Brochure

    Grapevine is a deciduous bush belonging to Vitaceas family. Its scientific name is Vitis vinifera. Its economic importance is due to its fruit, the grape, used so much for direct consumption as fermented to produce wine. Grapevine cultivation is expanded nowadays in the warm climate areas all around the world, especially in Western Europe, The Balkans, California, Australia, South Africa, Chile ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

  • Della Toffola - Presses with Closed Tanks Brochure

    Della Toffola’s presses with closed tanks combine exclusive technical solutions that make them extremely high-performing, as well as guaranteeing qualitatively excellent results. The presses with closed tanks are suitable for producing all kinds of wine, and particularly indicated for red and rosé wines because the maceration process with the grape skins can take place directly ...

    By Della Toffola SpA

  • RotoDis - Self Powered Bagging Machine Brochure

    RotoDis is a compact self powered bagging machine, suitable to bags many type of products. Mainly this machine has been designed for distilleries to bag grapes waste, but is also ideal to bag any type of cereal. RotoDis is a 4 wheel base machine with an engine in the central part, and a hopper conveyor in the front top part. A system of transfer augers moves the material from the conveyor to the ...

    By Apiesse S.r.l.

  • Model DRV - Leaf Remover Brochure

    The DRV leaf remover is ideal for removing the leaves in the area of production in traditional vineyards unprepared to the use of double barrel defoliator. In fact, the cutting blade placed in front of the fan ensures a clean cut of the shoots aspirated. The stainless steel shield is made of  a special shape to be in contact with the row without causing damage to the grapes and it is ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l.

  • VitiSort - Wine Grape Sorter Brochure

    VitiSort is an affordable integrated system for mechanical and optical sorting of wine grapes, allowing winemakers ultimate control over the quality of their product by removing MOG and other undesirable elements in the product stream such as unripe or damaged fruit. VitiSort features an intuitive User Interface and is designed for minimal sanitation requirements, ease of installation and ...

    By Key Technology

  • Sirio - Mini Tractor Brochure

    The mini tractor Sirio 4x4 is the smallest tractor in the world! Its width only 65 cm. Despite its reduced dimensions, the tractor hides a 13 KW. engine, which makes it very powerful and suitable for many works, both in narrow spaces and in the field. Moreover, its dimensions makes it the ideal tool for works in greenhouses, nurseries and farms and for particular productions in narrow spaces, ...

    By Fort s.r.l.

  • Agricultural Machines Bodies Brochure

    Realizing bodies different from standard models and so giving our customers the opportunity of asking specifications that can sotisfy to most various uses from the collecting firewood to the transport of hay or cases of grapes and apples, or also to the building society for special yards, has allowed to Ravenna snc to became a leader company for the production of agricoltural machines ...

    By Ravenna snc

  • Grape Harvesting Machines Brochure

    New Pomac V.TP grape harvester is projected specifically for the highly productive vineyards of North Italy and for very long rows: the inside height is 3 meters. the two tanks can contain 40 quintals. with a length of only 225 cm the machine is suitable for all kinds of vineyards and for the road traffic. the motorized wheels allow to harvest perfectly on trimmed fields and with inclinations up ...

    By Mark One S.r.l.

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    ? ?Illinois Agricultural Legislative Day20?3 Agriculture Resource DirectoryIllinois Agricultural Legislative Day20?3 Agriculture Resource Directory2 23 3Pat Quinn, GovernorRobert F. Flider, DirectorOffice of the DirectorState Fairgrounds • P.O. Box ?928? • Springfield, IL 62794-928? 2?7/782-2?72 • TTY 2?7/524-6858 • Fax 2?7/785-4505Dear Friend:Illinois agriculture is a diverse industry, both in ...

  • Grape Mildew Brochure

    Developed in collaboration with CDV44, GDDV49, Fredec Pays de Loire Pulsowin Application Grape mildew This software is intended to the technicians in charge of the vine protection; It allows to determine the contamination risks and helps the vine growers to take the treatment de-cisions. The Grape mildew module is a PULSOWIN complement which settles the basis functions of agrometeorological ...

    By Pulsonic

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