Grape Vine

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  • 6 Row Vine Chopper
    Showcase Product

    6 Row Vine Chopper

    By Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC

    A lawnmower on steroids - when its green its gone. With the Vine Chopper Spudnik developed a mechanical alternative to chemical weed control. After chopping, as the potato skin sets and harvest begins, farmers have less ...

  • Vine Lifter
    Showcase Product

    Vine Lifter

    By Kelley Manufacturing Co.

    The KMC Vine Lifter is used after rainy conditions on peanuts that have been inverted. It is used to free the vine from crusty conditions by running a blade and lifter rods underneath the inverted vines.

  • Bean Cutter
    Showcase Product

    Bean Cutter

    By Elmer`s Manufacturing Ltd

    Front mount quick hitch. Proven no-maintenance nylon bushings eliminate greasing. Smaller tractors can be equipped with front and rear mount combinations for large cutters. Optional lift assist wheels for front mount ...

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