Viticulture Equipment in Africa

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    Bivi Irrorazione - Model SILE - Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper tank and painted metal base. Biodynamic sprayer capacity 16 liters. Equipped with start-up lever on left side. Removable brass and copper pumping unit. Oval lid and oval sieve with brass net. Stainless steel valve 11 mm. Rubber hose, reinforced adjustable straps and shoulder pack. Standard equipment: spray gun with switch-operated cock and ...

    By Bivi Irrorazione s.n.c. Distributor in CASABLANCA, MOROCCO. from Biodynamic Sprayers Product line

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    Frostbuster - Model F501, F252 and F152 - Frost Buster Machine

    Don’t  look for a cheaper protection per hectare because you will find none. Even more, the Frostbuster has several advantages compared to other frost protection systems: you can protect your crops in places where no water is available, or protect fruit which cannot be protected with water. It can be used not only during radiation frost ...

    By Agrofrost NV Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Agrofrost - Frost Alarm

    No matter what kind of frost protection you use, one thing is absolutely essential for all systems: you must start in time. One of the main causes of frost damage is that protection systems are being launched too late.

    By Agrofrost NV Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis System

    The SunScan Canopy Analysis System uses field measurements of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index (LAI) and biomass production. The SunScan canopy analyser is optimised for low regular canopies such as most agricultural crops. The 1m probe enables rapid spatial averaging ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA. from Plant Science - Canopy Analysis Product line

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    Agrofrost FrostGuard - Model R20, R25, R30, B20 and B25 - Frost Guard Machine

    The Frostguard was especially developed for fruit growers, grape growers and vegetable growers, to be used in greenhouses, plastic tunnels and small vineyards and orchards.

    By Agrofrost NV Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Agrofrost - Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Wind Machines are often used to protect very large areas. Find out why we do better than the competition. The wind machine is the most comfortable protection. For smaller areas or lower crops, the mobile windmachine is a good alternative. We also developed burners that can be used in combination with the wind machine.

    By Agrofrost NV Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Felix - Model F-751 - Mango Quality Meter

    Using state-of-the-art NIR (near infrared) technology, the F-751 Mango Quality Meter precisely and non-destructively measures dry matter, and brix the mango’s key quality and ripeness indicators. This enables growers to accurately predict their crop harvest dates, reducing guesswork and minimizing spoilage, while increasing harvest ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc. Distributor in Abuja, NIGERIA. from Postharvest Tools - Portable NIR Analysis Product line

  • Quasar - Model 90 - Tractors

    Quasar tractors, available in the high and low versions, are in a class of their own and know no rivals on the market. The bodywork with its aggressive and sloping design, the tight turning radius, the big, almost isodiametric driving wheels and the powerful engine make Quasar the ideal machine for working between the rows of orchards and ...

    By AGRICO based in Bellville, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Nelson Irrigation - Model R5 - Micro Sprinkler for Full Coverage Irrigation

    The R5 Rotator is a micro sprinkler for Full Coverage Irrigation. It has higher uniformity, greater distance of throw, and provides better infiltration than comparable micro sprays or spinners. The flow control nozzle option is fully flow regulating at 15 psi (1 bar), while pressure compensation in other micro sprinklers begins to function at ...

    By Nelson Irrigation Corporation Distributor in Bellville, SOUTH AFRICA. from Rotator Sprinklers Product line

  • Gregoire - Model G7 or G8 - Vineyard Sprayer - Multiflow Progress Idea

    If you have a G7 or G8 carrier, a moderate to large vineyard, and work under extreme conditions: this spraying cell was specifically designed with you in mind. It is quick and easy to set up, thanks to its single-piece chassis/tank assembly, which is compact and ergonomic to ensure stability, safety and comfort during use. The tank can be ...

    By Gregoire Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Vineyard Sprayer Product line

  • Muratori - Model MZ2S - Light Duty Offset Rotary Hoe

    Light duty rotary-hoe for market gardening, gardening. In orchard or vineyard an all low-power tractors. Full off-set possibility.

    By Muratori spa Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Rotary Tillers Product line

  • Wagner - Model GPS - Planting Machine

    2005 the satellite controlled Wagner planting machine „IPS-Drive“ has been introduced into the market. This machine represents until today a revolution with concern to vine technology opening complete new possibilities for plantings and additional works including a measuring accuracy of less than 20 mm. „IPS Drive“: Ideal ...

    By Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA. from Planting Machines Product line

  • Ledgard - Medium Duty Bar

    The Ledgard medium duty bar has been especially designed for the vineyard market. Its versatility is proven by its ability to handle pre pruning of vines in winter and trimming during summer. This one stop machine for the vineyard owner has been available in the market place for 20 years and has proven time and time again to work in all ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Oxbo - Model 316XL - Grape Harvester

    Oxbo builds on the legacy of the Korvan brand with the Oxbo 316XL tow-behind grape harvester. The pull-type Oxbo 316XL features the same heavy duty chassis design and bucket conveyance system for maximum fruit quality as the self-propelled 3016XL. With a high capacity bucket conveyance system and an extended catching area, the 316XL can pick at ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Oxbo Vineyard Harvesters Product line

  • Model 125EC - Sacrifido

    Sacrifido 125EC Is a systemic fungicide with protective, eradicative and curative action against powdery mildew in roses

    By Greenlife Crop Protection Africa Ltd based in Nairobi , KENYA.

  • Wagner - Model Automatic IV - Well-Proven Grafting Machine

    The “Automatic VI” is a well-proven grafting machine for vines and other softwoods. The current use in the nursery Wagner leads to further improvements of the devices built since 1975 and developed constantly. The “Automatic IV” is distinguished by its clear and slim design, featuring however enough mass for a quite run. ...

    By Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA. from Grafting Technology Product line

  • Wagner - Waxing Device

    Our waxing devices are featuring the ideal size for the operation by our vine sorting device „REBENMAX“ and for the manual dipping. The device is provided for 4 operators, in case of longer plants for only 2 operators. An electronic thermostat delivers in connection with heat transfer oil and double wall an exact temperature of ...

    By Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH Distributor in Worcester, SOUTH AFRICA. from Grafting Technology Product line

  • Gregoire - Model G8.270 - Versatile Carrier Equipped

    The G8.270 is a versatile carrier equipped with a DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine developing 167hp and integrating the AUTOdrive, AUTOspeed and ECOdrive smart management devices to give you an exceptional reduction in consumption. Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated power and transmission (anti-slipping, right-left flow) ensure excellent ...

    By Gregoire Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Wine Product line

  • Gregoire - Model G3.220 - Wine Harvester

    What sets the G3.220 apart is its efficiency under the most difficult conditions thanks to the high power wheel motors combined with the OVERboost transmission booster, which temporarily increases the drive torque. The hydraulic assistance circuit is supplied by a Load Sensing pump (automatic flow management) and guarantees the wheel motors ...

    By Gregoire Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Wine Product line

  • Clemens - Model PR7 and PR9 - Soil Cultivator

    Narrow all-purpose plough with hydraulic width adjustment. It is particularly suitable for use in nurseries, in vineyards with narrow spacing between rows and for other row crops.

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Soil Cultivator Product line

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