Viticulture Equipment in Australasia

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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis System

    The SunScan Canopy Analysis System uses field measurements of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index (LAI) and biomass production. The SunScan canopy analyser is optimised for low regular canopies such as most agricultural crops. The 1m probe enables rapid spatial averaging ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Magill, AUSTRALIA. from Plant Science - Canopy Analysis Product line

  • UniRam - Heavywall Dripline

    UniRam is the industry's most advanced pressure compensating dripline. Its specially developed drippers operate with the poorest water quality, in the most difficult environments and irrigates the steepest terrains with the highest uniformity. UniRam is the most reliable dripline for surface and subsurface applications.

    By Netafim USA Distributor in Dural, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture Division Product line

  • Netafim - Polyethylene Tubing

    Netafim Polyethylene Tubing is made from the highest low density polyethylene resin available. Available in black or white color, multiple diameters and various coil lengths.

    By Netafim USA Distributor in Dural, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture Division Product line

  • WatchDog - Model 2700 - Agriculture Weather Stations

    Includes wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point, RH and rainfall. Has six (6) available external sensor channels for soil moisture, soil temperature or leaf wetness sensors.

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc Distributor in Kingsland, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. from Agriculture Weather Stations Product line

  • Model AD083 - Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder

    The AD083 Agrowdrill ideally suited to viticulture. The seed drill has a transport width of only 2m, making it perfectly suited to navigating the narrow vineyard rows. The AD083 vineyard seeder also features our 401 double disc unit. This undercarriage is constructed of eleven 16” discs with 159mm spacings that make light work of the tough ...

    By AGROWPLOW P/L based in Molong, AUSTRALIA. from Seed Drills Product line

  • Spagnolo - Under Cordon Pruner

    The newly developed under cordon pruner has just been released due to popular demand. This pruner is suitable for growers who simply require pruning under the bottom cordon.

    By Spagnolo Engineering based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA.

  • Duragard - Model PSP - Side Panel Nets

    DURAGARD Permanent Side Panel Net (PSP) is a heavy durable side panel net designed to be permanently attached to the vine trellis.  Duragard PSP Nets provide crop protection in 5 easy steps! 

    By Coverplas Nets based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Side Panel Nets Product line

  • Spagnolo - Vine Sucker / Vine Shoot Remover

    Introducing to Australia this coming season in 2018, The Vine Sucker Remover has proven success in the United States of America.  It is environmentally friendly and cuts down on the use of chemicals in your vineyard.

    By Spagnolo Engineering based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA.

  • Rocca Supatill - Model ST-200 - Disc Tillage

    The ROCCA SupaTill ST-200 is a compact heavy machine suited for the small farmer or vineyard. This popular model features the perfect width for between vine rows. It has 16 discs of various disc sizes up to 660mm (26in) and a crumble roller. The unit is heavy enough to penetrate hard soils and provide a well penetrated job. The unit is fitted to ...

    By Rocca Industries Pty Ltd based in Tolga, AUSTRALIA. from Rocca Supatill Disc Tillage Solutions Product line

  • Ledgard - Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    These bars are specifically designed for very dense timber such as almonds, olives and large old vineyards. The extra heavy duty cutter bar requires a large oil supply from either tractor or a PTO-driven power pack. They are a modified version of our Heavy Duty Cutter Bars, but with larger hydraulic motors and a redesigned blade assembly to suit ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems based in South Australia, AUSTRALIA. from Ledgard Pruning-Systems Product line

  • Spagnolo - Multi Rotary Head Vine Pruning Machine

    The very 1st Vine pruning machine designed and patented by Spagnolo Engineeering. This machine is designed to pre-prune, prune and green trim grape vines. Its versatility allows pruning of vines trained under different trellising systems.

    By Spagnolo Engineering based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA.

  • ERO - Model Grapeliner 7000 Series - Harvester

    Using German-engineered vineyard harvesting innovation, ERO Grapeliner 7000 Harvesters imported by FMR Group are customised to suit New Zealand's specific conditions and the needs of local vineyard owners. Famed for their user-friendliness in a wide variety of settings, our clients choose ERO Harvesters for their speed between vineyards, ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Grape Harvesting Product line

  • FMR - Model Sweep Plus - Undervine Maintenance

    The Sweep Plus double sweeper head is a great choice for a clean sweep in the orchard or vineyard. Hydraulic adjustment of height and sweeper head angle plus optional width control makes the Sweep Plus easy to use. The speed adjustable rotor fitted with rubber flaps or nylatron brushes provides a great result regardless of the size or weight of ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Undervine Maintenance Product line

  • Chateau Herbicide - Residual Control of Various Grass and Broadleaved Weeds

    For the residual control of various grass and broadleaved weeds in vineyards and orchards; for enhanced knockdown and residual weed control in irrigation channel banks and drainage ditches, as per the Directions for Use tables.

    By Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd based in Epping, AUSTRALIA. from AgroSolutions Product line

  • Model UL - Rotary Hoe

    The European designed, COSMO Bully UL Series Rotary Hoes are gear driven implements for compact and sub-compact tractors up to 40hp (max.).Engineered to till soil in nurseries, vineyards, orchards and hobby farms, they are ideal for owner operators.The rotor features six (6) C shaped, heat treated blades (per flange) in a speed configuration. The ...

    By Kanga Farm Equipment based in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA. from Rotary Hoes Product line

  • Coverplas - Ice Wine Nets

    IceVine Net is designed for protecting and harvesting grapes used to make Ice Wine.IceVine is an extra heavy mesh side net that is designed for Ice Wine applications. It has load bearing reinforced edges and centre reinforcement specifically designed to handle the heavy weight of the frozen berry clusters.  It is suitable for moderate to ...

    By Coverplas Nets based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Other Nets Product line

  • Klima - Wooden Post Trellis Screws

    Position on the posts: Can be used in fruiting wire and foliage wire positions. Why use this Screw?: It was designed by Wirecare and KLIMA to provide a vineyard screw that would be compatible with the revolutionary KLIMA pruning system and would avoid typical nails from being pulled out of the posts in the wind and becoming a injury or puncture ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Clips Product line

  • Klima Sure Flex - Vineyard Springs

    KLIMA Sureflex vineyard springs have been developed as a joint effort joint between KLIMA, Strainrite Fencing Systems and Lincoln University. Our goal was to develop a product specifically for our customers using the KLIMA pruning system. We wanted a way to allow the driver the safely pick up the fruiting wires much closer to the end assembly than ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Other Products Product line

  • Klima - Strainrite Crimps & Crimping Tools

    KLIMA recommends Strainrite Crimps and Crimping tools for joining your wires when using the KLIMA pruning system.

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Other Products Product line

  • Whitco - Rotary Vineyard Cane Rake

    An innovative solution for processing pruned canes from the vineyard floor. The removal of waste from the under vine area can reduce disease and carryover problems, and has become an important aspect of viticultural hygiene management. The Whitco Cane Rake removes pruning wood & debris from under the vine into the centre of the row, where it ...

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