Viticulture Equipment in Australasia

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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis System

    The SunScan Canopy Analysis System uses field measurements of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index (LAI) and biomass production. The SunScan canopy analyser is optimised for low regular canopies such as most agricultural crops. The 1m probe enables rapid spatial averaging ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Magill, AUSTRALIA. from Plant Science - Canopy Analysis Product line

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    Felix - Model F-751 - Mango Quality Meter

    Using state-of-the-art NIR (near infrared) technology, the F-751 Mango Quality Meter precisely and non-destructively measures dry matter, and brix the mango’s key quality and ripeness indicators. This enables growers to accurately predict their crop harvest dates, reducing guesswork and minimizing spoilage, while increasing harvest ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc. Distributor in Armidale, AUSTRALIA. from Postharvest Tools - Portable NIR Analysis Product line

  • Klima Sure Flex - Vineyard Springs

    KLIMA Sureflex vineyard springs have been developed as a joint effort joint between KLIMA, Strainrite Fencing Systems and Lincoln University. Our goal was to develop a product specifically for our customers using the KLIMA pruning system. We wanted a way to allow the driver the safely pick up the fruiting wires much closer to the end assembly than ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Other Products Product line

  • ERO - Post Pounder

    When the Post Pounder is placed on a post, two concentric weights inside it are set in motion. The post is driven into the ground by a succession of small blows. The weights of the standard ERO Post Pounder are 60 kg, and the heavy-duty version has 90 kg weights.

    By ERO-Ger├Ątebau GmbH Distributor in NEW ZEALAND. from Other Vineyard Products Product line

  • Lateral Pipe

    This is a low density polyethylene pipe designed specifically for use in low pressure landscape horticultural and viticultural irrigation lateral applications. It is manufactured from pre-compounded LDPE, ensuring consistent carbon black dispersion to maximise the ability to withstand UV degradation. Pressure rated to 3 bar.

    By Irrigation Express based in Mt Maunganui, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Picking Rods

    AGH is the largest supplier of Bo-Rods for mechanized grape harvesting in the Western Hemisphere. Our DURAFLEX nylon rods deliver superior long lasting performance while maintaining their shape and flexibility. They pick better and last longer than any competitive Bo-Rod. In addition to all of the standard rods listed below AGH will custom make a ...

    By American Grape Harvesters, Inc. Distributor in NEW ZEALAND.

  • Wine Barrel Racks

    Space saving and accessibility, Now made in New Zealand By ICS, Lyco Barrel Boss Wine Barrel racks will create a safer, more efficient environment and save you time in the organisation, storage and handling of your Valuable Wine barrels. ICS Barrel racks accommodate a variety of sizes which include Hogsheads, Barriques and Puncheons.

    By ICS Farm Machinery based in Rangiora, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Generation Ii Recycling Sprayer

    With proven R-Series delivery & recycling technology, the Generation II Recycling Sprayer from FMR introduces a number of new features and innovations that make owning and operating this machine in your vineyard even more beneficial. The Gen II R-Series Recycling Sprayers filter then recycle any spray that doesn’t deposit on foliage back ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Spraying Product line

  • Klima - Wirecare Clips

    Position on the posts: Used in the wire lifting positions only. Why use this clip?: It was invented by Rex Brooke Taylor (founder of Wirecare NZ Ltd) over It is the industry standard, it is strong and robust 10+ year lifespan in the high UV conditions in NZ and it is strong, safe and durable. Many of the original wirecare clips are still in use ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Clips Product line

  • Klima - Wooden Post Trellis Screws

    Position on the posts: Can be used in fruiting wire and foliage wire positions. Why use this Screw?: It was designed by Wirecare and KLIMA to provide a vineyard screw that would be compatible with the revolutionary KLIMA pruning system and would avoid typical nails from being pulled out of the posts in the wind and becoming a injury or puncture ...

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Setup - Clips Product line

  • Multapex - Tubex Vinewrap Peg Thru H.E.

    Tubex Vinewrap Peg-Thru H.E. is an enhancement of the highly successful Tubex Vinewrap Peg-Thru product. Designed to combat moderately high winds the product has a stronger recoil and larger overlap. The guard provides quick installation and excellent protection for your young vines.

    By Multapex based in Smeaton Grange, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture & Viticulture Product line

  • Ledgard - Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    These bars are specifically designed for very dense timber such as almonds, olives and large old vineyards. The extra heavy duty cutter bar requires a large oil supply from either tractor or a PTO-driven power pack. They are a modified version of our Heavy Duty Cutter Bars, but with larger hydraulic motors and a redesigned blade assembly to suit ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems based in South Australia, AUSTRALIA. from Ledgard Pruning-Systems Product line

  • Klima - Model G2 - Vine Pruner

    Once you try KLIMA G2 you will never want to prune the old fashioned way again. KLIMA helps grape growers do more with less and can save grape growers millions of dollars in vineyard labour costs year after year.

    By Klima based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vine Pruner Product line

  • Spagnolo - Multi Rotary Head Vine Pruning Machine

    The very 1st Vine pruning machine designed and patented by Spagnolo Engineeering. This machine is designed to pre-prune, prune and green trim grape vines. Its versatility allows pruning of vines trained under different trellising systems.

    By Spagnolo Engineering based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA.

  • Whitco - Rotary Vineyard Cane Rake

    An innovative solution for processing pruned canes from the vineyard floor. The removal of waste from the under vine area can reduce disease and carryover problems, and has become an important aspect of viticultural hygiene management. The Whitco Cane Rake removes pruning wood & debris from under the vine into the centre of the row, where it ...

  • Ledgard - Light Duty Ledgard Bar

    A Rugged purpose built cutter bar for summer tipping of both vine and table grapes. The Light duty cutter bar still features Ledgard tried and tested double acting scalloped blade which allows the machine to give the cleanest cut possible. Demanding only 25 litres of oil this machine is ideal for any size tractor. The light duty cutter bar can be ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems based in South Australia, AUSTRALIA.

  • VineShade - Shade Panel Nets

    VineShade Net designed to protect the Fruit Zone from extreme shading and heat. VINESHADE Side Panel Net is a knitted round filament durable long life shade net designed to protect the fruit zone and canopy from the harsh strong sun and heat that affects vineyards planted in North South orientation. Vineshade protects the vines from extreme heat ...

    By Coverplas Nets based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Other Nets Product line

  • Model UL - Rotary Hoe

    The European designed, COSMO Bully UL Series Rotary Hoes are gear driven implements for compact and sub-compact tractors up to 40hp (max.).Engineered to till soil in nurseries, vineyards, orchards and hobby farms, they are ideal for owner operators.The rotor features six (6) C shaped, heat treated blades (per flange) in a speed configuration. The ...

    By Kanga Farm Equipment based in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA. from Rotary Hoes Product line

  • Rotavators - Model R200-400 - Rotary Tillers

    The Rotavator 400 has been developed to suit narrow tractors used in vineyard and orchard applications with catl or 11 hydraulic linkages. The 400 will also fit standard tractors for general use. The range has all the options required for adapt ion to most needs for the farmer and end user. The 400 range is available with gear or chain driven side ...

    By Howard Australia Pty Ltd based in Seven Hills, AUSTRALIA.

  • NERO - Model SX Series - X-Shape Trailed Disc Harrows

    The disc frame of SX model are individually adjustable, to respond to the exigencies of the vineyards as long as the whole year.Trailed disc harrows, suspended to the three points of the tractor, are strong and solid machines, very small and projected to adapt to vineyards and orchards which soil is particularly irregular and stony.The small ...

    By Gascon International Distributor in NEW ZEALAND. from Nero-Mounted Disc Harrows Product line

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