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Viticulture Equipment

  • Model K-15 - Sprinkler

    This stationary and rotary irrigator with single jet is a multi-purpose irrigator which can be used in the cultivation of vegetables, of fruit, of vine and in other delicate cultivations and in parks, etc. For example: it can be used for pest control, manuring, leaf manuring, dry showering etc.

    By Kofler Regnerbau GmbH Srl based in LAGUNDO (BZ), ITALY. from K Series Sprinkler Product line

  • Vaschieri - Model P/20-25 - Manure Spreader

    Certified total capacity: 30. Required power: HP 40/50. Approx.average capacity: m³ 2/3. Body length: m. 2/2.5. Side height: m.  0,70. Tread: m. 1. Max. averall size m. 1,20. Max. manure-spreader width: m.0.80- 4.0. New tires: 10.75.15. Weight: Kg. 900.

    By Vaschieri Lorenzo Srl based in Solignano di Castelvetro (MO), ITALY. from Manure Spreaders for Vineyards and Orchards Product line

  • Micron - Model Herbidome 350 - Shielded Weed Control Sprayer

    The Herbidome 350 has been developed for use in a wide range of weed control situations. A rotary atomiser, designed for Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) application of herbicides, is mounted under a flexible circular shield which rotates freely resulting in efficient weed control and significant labour savings.

    By Micron Group based in Herefordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agriculture & Forestry Product line

  • Melon - Wrangler Harvesters

    The Melon Wrangler is used with an existing vehicle. The Wrangler quick couples to your trailer, truck, or bus in less than a minute and makes transportation from any place to your field convenient. It is very versatile and functional.

    By Automated Ag based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA). from Harvesters Product line

  • ERO - Model View - Vine Trimmer

    The new ‘View’ vine trimmer is a perfect example of ERO's customer driven approach. It has been developed in response to requests from the market for increased visibility and a lower centre of gravity plus the need to operate on terraced or undulating terrain. The View system is mounted in a low position in front of the tractor and ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Canopy Management Product line

  • Model Generation II - Vineyard Sprayers

    With the Generation II V-Series Vineyard Sprayers, FMR introduces a number of innovations and  developments, bringing additional benefits to owners and operators. The new tank design, in 2300L, 3000L and 4000L, provides improved weight distribution for stability, with pumps and valves sliding or folding out to make regular servicing simple ...

    By FMR Group Ltd based in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. from Vineyard Spraying Product line

  • Model SFM-M - Mulchers

    The European designed COSMO Bully SFM-M Series Mulchers have a  fixed, bolt on tower with three (3) mounting positions.The rear of the deck has a series of height adjustable mulching rakes that hold large prunings (up to Ø 50mm) in the cutting chamber for maximum mulching.This results in a high quality cut ...

    By Kanga Farm Equipment based in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA. from Flail Mulchers Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 106 - Trimmer

    The 106 trimmer can deal late vineyard processing with an eccellent quality of work. Although highly evolved than the starting model, this machine maintains all the key feature of the successful initial project born in 1991. The tooth-blade system, without bladeholders that doesn’t require maintenance, made by the qualified German company ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Equipment - Tooth Blade Trimmers Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 105 - Vine Binders

    This machine delicately lifts falling shoots falling towards the center of the row, gathering and bounding them to the row structure. One can operate on a single side of the row (the right one). The binding is done with polypropylene (or other type) twine, tied in advance to the head stake of the vine. The tension of the twine can be adjusted. At ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Vine Binders Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 480 - High Speed Blades Side Trimmer

    This vineyard trimmer is the doubled version of our 180 model and preveserves the many advantages introduced: lower control of movements, high visibility in the front of the tractor, great working speed. With this machine you are able to trim contemporarily both right and left side of the row with a perfect control of the situation.

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Equipment - High Speed Blades Vine Trimmer Product line

  • Progressive - Model 1230 - Electrostatic Vineyard Sprayer

    Dimensions : 65' Wide x 52' High x 12' Long. Tank : 300 Gallon Stainless Steel. Pump : High Volume Centrifugal. Agitation : Multiport Jet. Filter : Large Mesh - Easy to Clean. Fan : Centrifugal 60 HP. Air Outlets : Patented Electrostatic. Nozzles : Patented Low Pressure, Wear Resistant O-Gee Air Shear - 3/16 Diameter. Air Speed : 200 mph +.

    By Progressive Ag Inc. based in Modesto, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LectroBlast Electrostatic Sprayers - Vineyard Models Product line

  • Drip Irrigation Technology

    Drip irrigation technology uses controlled amounts of water proportionally to the soil's absorption capacity and evapotranspiration that occurs near the plant. This system is especially suitable for horticultural crops: vegetables, greenhouses, gardens, vineyards and orchards, as well as flowers, corn, etc. with the possibility of a high degree of ...

    By Riegos Ruiz based in Alfaro, SPAIN. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Hansa - Model C16 - Engine Powered Brush Chippers

    Model C16 is suitable for lifestyle blocks, landscapers, orchards and hire centres. Because of its compact design the machine is relatively light, easily manoeuvred and can be operated in areas with restricted space and access.

    By Hansa Products Ltd, based in Northgate, NEW ZEALAND. from Chippers - Engine Powered Product line

  • Piranha - Model 2000 - Twin Rotor Drop Centre Slashers

    Twin Rotor Drop Centre Slashers are designed V type inter rows , the wings free float and can accurately follow the V contour. They are suited to 40-120hp tractor range and come in 7 different sizes which have the following features. Three piece folded and fully reinforced HU300 grade 4mm or 350 grade 5mm main deck with a easy clean top design. ...

    By Ben Wye Engineering Pty Ltd based in Uraidla, AUSTRALIA. from Piranha Slashers Product line

  • Buckton - Mulchers

    Our Mulcher makes short work of tall grass, deals to vines, cuttings, rushes, gorse and more. Its hardworking gearbox delivers a clean cut, before mulching the grass. Nutrients return to the soil, and you can get back to work.

    By Buckton based in Otorohanga, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Vigolo - Model FK - Rotary Hoes

    The Vigolo FK rotary hoe is a relatively lightweight machine that is suitable for use with low-capacity tractors. Despite its light weight, it is very strong. It can be used for tillage on existing cropland (vineyards and orchards) and on land used to grow vegetables. It also comes in a straight-blade version.

    By Vigolo S.R.L. based in Alonte, ITALY. from Rotary Hoes Product line

  • Vigolo - Model TN - TSP - Post Hole Diggers

    Hole diggers Vigolo are particulary suitable in all the situation when need to drill on agricultural land; typically the holes to implant the vineyards or the orchards. Hole diggers Vigolo are avaible in two models: TN and TSP; the first one can use bits till 500 mm of diameter and is suitable to be used on normal kinds of land, Model TSP can use ...

    By Vigolo S.R.L. based in Alonte, ITALY. from Post Hole Diggers Product line

  • Vigolo - Model LG - LG/E - Side Brush Shredder

    The Vigolo LG - LGE shiftable side brush shredder is suitable for maintenance of ground cover in vineyard and orchard aisles. It is a very robust machine designed to shred prunings, including even woody prunings. Its heavy-duty design means it can be used even on very stony ground. The shape of the tools, the profile of the frame and the three ...

    By Vigolo S.R.L. based in Alonte, ITALY. from Side Brush Shredders Product line

  • Miniraz - Low Volume Table Grapes Sprayer

    Specially designed for table grapes trained structure. The “MINIRAZ” series represent our long years of experience.

    By Raz Sprayers based in Rishon Le`Zion, ISRAEL. from Vineyards Product line

  • Raz - Harvesting Hydraulic Trolley

    Harvesting Hydraulic Trolley for olive & grape harvesting.

    By Raz Sprayers based in Rishon Le`Zion, ISRAEL. from Vineyards Product line

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