Vine Pruning

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vineyard Defoliator
    Showcase Product

    Vineyard Defoliator

    By NP Seymour LTD

    Removes the basal leaves to increase grapes exposure to the light and allow the air circulation. Saves a lot of time and labour and can also make the harvest easier. Conical discs  tear down the sucked leaves. ...

  • Cane Puller
    Showcase Product

    Cane Puller

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG

    In the vineyard, the KOBOLD vine puller helps you by pulling out the cut vines and placing them in the row or immediately chopping them. Prepare your vineyard for using the KOBOLD! Right from the first foliage cut, ...

  • Overrow Vine Leaf Remover
    Showcase Product

    Overrow Vine Leaf Remover

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG

    With the overrow Leaf remover, a complete row of vines can be stripped in a single operation. It is no longer necessary to drive along vine rows without ground cover under unfavourable weather conditions. The unit can ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Tecnovict - a brand of Spezia srl

    Tecnovict - a brand of Spezia srl

    The Spezia company was founded in 1950 by Giuseppe Spezia. He was one of the first Industrial surveyors in the province of Piacenza and he channelled ...

  • Vitifruit Equipment

    Vitifruit Equipment

    Vitifruit Equipment has been providing machinery solutions and customer service to the vineyard and fruit industries in the UK for over 25 years. We ...

  • Zappator srl

    Zappator srl

    Zappator was founded in Conselice in 1947 as a manufacturer of engine driven cultivators. In the seventies they changed their production by ...

  • Andreas und Willi Stockmayer Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG

    Andreas und Willi Stockmayer Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG

    Stockmayer Engineering, Experts for vine growing machines, municipal equipment and special machinery. Our traditional family business has become ...

  • VBC Company

    VBC Company

    The VBC company has been successfully operating in the agricultural field since 1987. The company has been steadily growing with the time until it ...