Viticulture wastewater

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  • Wastewater characteristics from Greek wineries and distilleries

    ABSTRACTThe present paper deals with the characterization of wastewater generated from Greek wineries and wine distilleries. The quantity and the quality of the wastewater of a distillery depends on the type of wine (white or red), on the processes followed for the production of wine as well as on the volume of the tanks that are used. The total production of wastewater from a winery is about ...

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  • Wine Wastewater Treatment System

    Wine Wastewater Treatment System

    The effluents resulting from the production of wine are characterized by: high organic load due to the presence of ethanol and / or sugars; nutrient deficiency (nitrogen and phosphorus); variable pH, usually very acidic in the vintage; and appreciable concentrations of suspended solids. The NatureWaves® and Cork NatureWaves® growing popularity is due in part to the fact that the treatment ...