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  • Winery Misting System
    Showcase Product

    Winery Misting System

    By coolmerchant greece

    Wine cellars either through the year or during certain periods face the problem of not reaching the appropriate humidity level. The logical consequence is the natural evaporation of wine. The quality of wine is ...

  • Control Humidity Technology for Wine & Spirits
    Showcase Product

    Control Humidity Technology for Wine & Spirits

    By Hygro Control

    The patented technology in dry fog production creates and controls high humidity conditions without wetness on the floors or barrels. This avoid any risk of modl or algae development. As a result, wine evaporation is ...

  • Rotary Wedge Wire Screens
    Showcase Product

    Rotary Wedge Wire Screens

    By ANDAR Holdings Ltd

    Our Rotary Wedgewire Screens remove solids and other debris from wastewater flows to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and irrigation nozzles. The screens are suitable for all types of wastewater. The solid ...

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  • Hitema International

    Hitema International

    HITEMA INTERNATIONAL is a specialist manufacturer of Standard and Customized Cooling solutions.We are structured to follow and help our Customers in ...

  • Agrivi Ltd

    Agrivi Ltd

    The story of Agrivi began when Matija Zulj, the founder of Agrivi, decided to leave the corporate ICT world and dedicate his time and effort to ...

  • New Zealand Frost Fans Ltd

    New Zealand Frost Fans Ltd

    New Zealand Frost Fans has been providing innovative frost protection solutions to growers around the world, with its range of FrostBoss™ fans. From ...

  • Phil Brown Welding Corp

    Phil Brown Welding Corp

    Phil Brown Welding officially started business in 1964, after some years as an unofficial provider of specialized fruit industry equipment. `My dad ...

  • AKOL


    AKOL is a leading entrepreneurial software house that provides the agricultural sector with comprehensive computer-based and communications solutions ...