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Winemaking equipment for Viticulture

  • Pera Pellenc - Vibrating Reception Hopper

    It allows drainage of the manual or mechanical harvest. It comprises a double sort process with drainage grids with oblong holes of various sizes, a sliding drainage basket and a juice vat.

    By Pera-Pellenc SA based in FLORENSAC, FRANCE. from Winemaking - Receiving - Sorting Tables Product line

  • Model HGB Series - Uggedly Durable Medium-Sized Fabric Building

    Customers, business owners, operators of outdoor wilderness resorts and eco-adventure camps, campground owners, golf resorts, ski lodges, facility directors, and event managers needing customizable facilities for upcoming building projects, seeking a great return on investment and looking for a ruggedly durable medium-size fabric building, need ...

    By WeatherPort Shelter Systems based in Delta, COLORADO (USA). from Building Models Product line

  • ZJN - Distiller`s Grains/DDGS Drying Machine

    Distiller's Grains is the residues of rice, wheat or sorghum after vintage. It doesn’t only contain grains, but also rich crude protein, about 2-3 times higher than the corn content. Lees also contains a variety of trace elements, vitamins, yeasts, lysine, methionine and tryptophan. However, the distiller's grains water content is high, easy ...

    By Henan ZJN Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd based in Jiaozuo City, CHINA. from Dregs Drying Machine Product line

  • Della Toffola - Model FLCV - Continuous Wine Flotation Units

    The Della Toffola FLCV flotation units are suitable for medium- to large wineries where continuous flotation processes are particularly useful. Perfect for clarifying large quantities of musts or juices, Della Toffola’s FLCV flotators are complete systems with one or two separation tanks that perform all the operations needed for an ...

    By Della Toffola SpA based in Signoressa di Trevignano, ITALY. from Flotation Units Product line

  • Tecnoagri - Model MRS - Hydraulic Side Tipper

    The MRS Hydraulic Side Tipper, designed, realized and patented by Tecnoagri can be attached to all types of tractor forklifts and forklift trucks. It is particularly suitable for foodstuffs, for It prevents the overturned content from coming into contact with machine parts in the overturning stage, in accordance with the strictest measures of food ...

    By Tecnoagri based in Conselice (RA), ITALY. from Hydraulic Side Tipper Product line

  • ANDAR - Rotary Wedge Wire Screens

    Our Rotary Wedgewire Screens remove solids and other debris from wastewater flows to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and irrigation nozzles. The screens are suitable for all types of wastewater. The solid screenings are discharged by gravity. The screens are designed and built in New Zealand and can be adapted for any application. ...

    By ANDAR Holdings Ltd based in Timaru, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Model H180 3C - Marc and Harvesting Pumps

    ALMA marc and harvesting pumps are of the screw-pump type, mounted on a undercarriage fitted with a brake. A rotor turning in a stator in full stainless steel, conveys the harvested grape at a sonstant rate, limiting crushing without damaging the stalks. ALMA pumps are factory-fitted with a contactor-cum-reverser with emergency stop and ...

    By Alma based in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, FRANCE.

  • Pera Pellenc - Model H - Destemmer

    The robust, reliable destemmers are designed for working with manual or mechanical harvests, and are easy to clean and maintain. “We have used PERA destemmers in our cellars for many years. They are reliable and robust and enable us to separate stems, leafstalks and leaves as well as foreign bodies from the grapes, without breaking the ...

    By Pera-Pellenc SA based in FLORENSAC, FRANCE. from Winemaking - Receiving Product line

  • Pera Pellenc - Model TVT - Vibrating Manual Grape Sorting Table

    Ideal for manual sorting of whole or destemmed grapes, the TVT vibrating sorting table has 2 drainage areas with 2 grids (to eliminate juices, pips, small insects and plants), 2 drainage baskets on slides to collect the waste and 2 liquid collecting trays on slides with male connection.

    By Pera-Pellenc SA based in FLORENSAC, FRANCE. from Winemaking - Receiving - Sorting Tables Product line

  • Pera Pellenc - Model TTB - Belt Grape Sorting Table

    The sorting table with belt is ideal for sorting on bunches before destemming. 

    By Pera-Pellenc SA based in FLORENSAC, FRANCE. from Winemaking - Receiving - Sorting Tables Product line

  • Siprem - Model REBI 30 - Vibrating Inert Cart

    Although great strides have been made in recent years in terms of respect for the newly harvested grape, mechanical harvesting continues to present a number of negative aspects. One of these is the loss of must from inside the berries, exacerbated by the length of time that passes between harvest and delivery to the winery. The grape transport ...

    By Siprem International S.p.A. based in Pesaro (PU), ITALY. from Reception and Selection - Reception Product line

  • Clemens - Model Flavy FX3 - Cross-Flow-Filter

    A cross flow filter uses membranes whose permeability lies in the region of microns (average pore diameter > 0.1μ). The liquid that is to be filtered moves along the membrane in a closed circuit. Part of the liquid flows through the membrane under increasing pressure, while solid parts in the countercurrent of liquid that does not penetrate ...

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG based in Wittlich, GERMANY. from Winery Equipment Product line

  • Hygro - Control Humidity Technology for Wine & Spirits

    The patented technology in dry fog production creates and controls high humidity conditions without wetness on the floors or barrels. This avoid any risk of modl or algae development. As a result, wine evaporation is less important increasing turnover due to « angle share » reduction. Moreover ...

    By Hygro Control based in Lux, FRANCE.

  • Spiral Transporter

    Our spiral transporters and elevators are constructed in inox steel and they are all tested in our plant. Our spiral transporters are constructed following each customer's request so that they are able to work at best in each winery.

    By D.V. s.r.l. based in Cusano di Zoppola, ITALY. from Wine Machinery Product line

  • Winery Misting System

    Wine cellars either through the year or during certain periods face the problem of not reaching the appropriate humidity level. The logical consequence is the natural evaporation of wine. The quality of wine is decreasing as well as the quantity meaning more labor costs in order to refill the barrels. Wine cellars therefore face dramatically money ...

    By coolmerchant greece based in Kalamata City, GREECE.

  • Ventrac - Model 4500K - Compact Tractors

    The Ventrac 4500K was built with you in mind. From the advanced electrical system, redesigned frame, more safety and comfort features; the 4500K offers the reliable performance, astounding versatility and comfortable handling you have come to expect.

    By Ventrac - a brand by Venture Products Inc. based in Orrville, OHIO (USA). from Compact Tractors - 4000 Series Product line

  • HORPISO - Vineyard Grower

    Growers to wineries are machines specially designed for quick and easy tilling the vineyard. The variety of sizes and characteristics of these farmers is as broad as the needs of the customer.

    By HORPISO Maquinaria Agrícola based in PEÑAFIEL (Valladolid), SPAIN. from Plough Crossbow Product line

  • Salem-Republic - Food and Beverage Handling Hose

    The hose technology specialists at Salem-Republic Rubber Company, with over 30 years of handmade hose experience, have created the ultimate kink-resistant hose. The Champion Vol-U-Flex® construction provides longer service life than conventional hose. Kinking not only restricts flow, it also makes a permanent fatigue and wear point within the ...

    By Salem Republic Rubber Company based in Sebring, OHIO (USA). from Industrial Hose Product line

  • Nairn - Model 2680 - Grape Harvesters

    The latest addition to the Nairn Self-Propelled Harvester range, this harvester is based on the 680 Tow Behind and offers compact engineering ideally suited to the boutique vineyard with minimal headlands and narrower row widths. Essential for those wanting high quality grapes from vine to winery.

    By Reese Group Ltd based in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND. from Nairn - Grape Harvesters Product line

  • Agrirobot - Automatic Soil Management Robotics Mower

    Automatic soil management and treatment of the Vineyard. It moves, recharges and recognizes the working area in an autonomous way. Agrirobot is the robot ready to use, no need for installation, programming or structural changes to the vineyard.

    By Zucchetti Centro Sistemi S.p.a based in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), ITALY. from Robotics Product line

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