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  • Almond Grower Slashes Water Usage

    The American south-west and central plains could be on course for super-droughts the like of which they have not witnessed in over a 1,000 years. Places like California are already facing very dry conditions, but these are quite gentle compared with some periods in the 12th and 13th Centuries.The drought in California has reached dire proportions, landing agriculture directly in the regulator


  • How does tree planting help the environment?

    Planting over one trillion trees could be the cheapest and most effective way of mitigating the current crisis facing our planet, according to one study published earlier this year. As part of their natural life cycles, trees absorb carbon dioxide ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Rigid Grading Blade

    Rigid Grading Blade

    The LRG series of widths 2.75 and 4 m are machines used for smoothing and adjusting of materials, guided by a laser system. LRG graders have a sober and robust design; the blade body is of monobloc type. This manufacturing principle ensure stiffness and hence accurate and efficient grading work. This grading blade range represents the most suitable tool for creation of all types of platform, from ...