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  • Water


    Water is the most valuable asset on earth, which determines to a significant extent the development of life in all corners of the world.95% of the amount of water on earth is chemically bound in rocks making it impossible to utilize and be part of the hydrological cycle.

  • Science for Environment Policy

    Science for Environment Policy

    The  economic  impact  of climate  change  on European agriculture A new study has estimated how changes to climate might affect the value of European farmland. Based on data ...


  • How does tree planting help the environment?

    How does tree planting help the environment?

    Planting over one trillion trees could be the cheapest and most effective way of mitigating the current crisis facing our planet, according to one study published earlier this year. As part of their natural life cycles, trees absorb carbon dioxide ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Slurry Injectors for Hose Feed Systems

    Slurry Injectors for Hose Feed Systems

    The EURO 1200 is a new type of slurry injector, specially developed for applying slurry to grassland, tilled and untilled agricultural land using a hose-feed system. The EURO 1200 is fitted with 300 mm diameter blades, which are 24 mm thick and cut a slit in the sod for slurry injection. The slurry injector has a working breath of 12 metres and is fitted with 2 cutting spacers for optimal slurry ...