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Latest News

  • How To Make Charcoal From Straw With The Use Of Carbonization Equipment

    Dec. 5, 2018

    Traditionally, most charcoal briquettes were created from wood. Today, however, there exists a growing trend to work with other types of biomass materials in the creation of charcoal. Many of the most popular forms of biomass for this particular particular application include the waste products which are left behind after crops are harvested. This may include everything from rice hulls to ...

  • SFA Celebrates World Soil Day as Timely Events Approach

    Dec. 4, 2018

    Today, Dec. 5, is World Soil Day, which the United Nations has marked to “celebrate the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and as a vital contributor to human wellbeing.” ...


    Nov. 19, 2018

    dvanced scientific research into the suitability of coco peat and coco products has been well established. Coir peat was regarded as of no use in the past but it is only an idea belonging to the past.  Scientists and agronomists promote it as the best organic medium to use as substrate because, It possesses high porosity enhancing healthy root growth.  It has natural tendency to ...

  • Redfund updates cannabis tea brand Mary’s Wellness’ operations

    Nov. 13, 2018

    Redfund Capital Corp., a Merchant Bank focused on Hemp, Medical Cannabis, and CBD, has recently announced that it will be issuing an update on Mary’s Wellness Ltd., the Canadian cannabis-infused tea beverage company. Reliable sources state that with more countries beginning to legalize marijuana, with commendations that it treats and provides relief from conditions such as insomnia, ...