Agriculture Aeration


  • Ancient farming method may help conserve savannahs

    A fire-free farming method practiced by early inhabitants of the Amazonian savannahs could help inform efforts to conserve and rehabilitate these important ecosystems around the world, a study has found. The research provides greater historic ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Heavy Duty Pipe

    Heavy Duty Pipe

    Heavy Duty pipe is available in 3" - 12" (75-300mm) single-wall sizes in 10`, 100`, 250` (3, 30, 76m) and maxicoils. 8" is also available in 20` (6m) lengths. The product comes in plain, perforated and perforated-with-wrap styles. A complete line of fittings, including internal couplers and split coupling bands, complete the job. 3"-6" Heavy Duty meets ASTM F405, and 8-12" Heavy Duty meets ASTM ...