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  • Anti Hail Screens
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    Anti Hail Screens

    By Green-Tek Inc.

    Green-Tek offers a full range of Anti-Hail Screens that prevent hail damage in a wide variety of crops. Anti-Hail Screens can be used for hail protection, or for hail protection and light spectrum management for shading ...

  • Anti-Hail Photoselective Nets
    Showcase Product

    Anti-Hail Photoselective Nets

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation

    Tenax Iridium is a new range of anti-hail nets acting on plant growth, modifying the quality and the quantity of the available light. Tenax Iridium is based on a reliable technology, very stable and durable. Each color ...

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  • Fruit Security GmbH

    Fruit Security GmbH

    Fruit Security, an innovative Austrian company specialising in highly efficient hail protection systems of the best quality. Expert consulting and ...