Agriculture Automation

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  • Project Cal Poly University Research Centre - Cases Study

    About the Poultry CenterThe Cal Poly Poultry Center has housing facilities for 7,000 broilers and 7,000 replacement pullets. In addition, the Poultry Center has two egg production facilities—a two-story turbo house and a stack-deck house. Both houses are exact replicas of the facilities currently used by the commercial egg production industry. The Poultry Center also contains


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  • Acme Screw Actuators

    Acme Screw Actuators

    Venture Mfg Co’s 800 series acme screw actuators are ideal for automation of high load processes. Our actuators feature up to 7000 lbs static and 1500 lbs dynamic load rating in compression and tension. The straight lie load transfer capability adds to the operational value of equipment. Our wear resistant linear actuator consists of an ideal combination of Acme screw and a DC motor gearbox ...