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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Poultry growing with Big Dutchman poultry systems - Case Study

    On the occasion of a convincing Open House, Ronny Lange from Osteroda in Brandenburg (Germany) recently inaugurated his four new houses for poultry growing. Approximately 300 people followed his invitation to visit the imposing farm complex of 200,000 bird places in detail. For the poultry systems, Ronny Lange fully relies on the technology supplied by Big Dutchman.Poultry systems: Augermatic

  • JM Farm Pond Water Case Study

    JM Farms, located in Kentucky, had been experiencing significant buildup of biofilm and slime in the water system. The biofilm and slime buildup led to water with a poor taste and odor, decreased ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mechanic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon

    Mechanic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon

    ALANKO Mechanic Bird & Wildlife Propone Cannon protects your plantations, fruits and vegetable gardens from pest birds and wildlife in an environmental friendly way without giving any harm to the nature and helps you to gather a bumper crop.