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  • Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

    Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting sheet is used successfully in a wide variety of industries. Cutting materials with high power density laser beam. The thickness of the plate which can be processed in the range of cold bonding plate and hot bonding plate should be less than or equal to 20.0 mm, and stainless steel should be less than 10.0 mm. The advantages

  • China’s township enterprises

    China’s township enterprises, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, have developed on the basis of the handicrafts industry and the processing of agricultural products and by-products. They ...


  • Tips For Catfish Farming Floating Fish Feed Machine

    Tips For Catfish Farming Floating Fish Feed Machine

    Our company Fusmar Machinery is a professional floating fish feed machine manufacturer, today we will tell you about the tips for catfish farming. Many farmers like raising fish on the market, because the cost of raising fish is relatively low. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Modern Aviary System

    Modern Aviary System

    The modern aviary system for barn, free-range and organic egg production. Big Dutchman has more than 30 years of experience with aviary systems – an advantage that we use for our customers’ benefit. NATURA is a management system that is focused on the welfare of the birds, without disregarding functionality and efficiency, which are very important to egg producers. Our goal as a ...