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  • Project Cal Poly University Research Centre - Cases Study

    Project Cal Poly University Research Centre - Cases Study

    About the Poultry Center The Cal Poly Poultry Center has housing facilities for 7,000 broilers and 7,000 replacement pullets. In addition, the Poultry Center has two egg production facilities—a two-story turbo house and a stack-deck house. Both houses are exact replicas of the facilities currently used by the commercial egg production industry. The Poultry Center also contains ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Belt Slip Monitors

    Automatic Belt Slip Monitors

    The RiteSpeed system consists of several sensors and a small controller. It continuously compares the speed of the input drive shaft to the speeds of idler shafts and rollers. When the ratio falls outside a preselected range, the system sounds an alarm and shows the operator which conveyor or belt is slipping too much. The operator can reduce ground speed or stop the machine before it ...