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  • A flying river? How the Amazon Forest produces the largest flying river in the world

    The Amazon Rainforest is worldwide known for its extraordinary biodiversity and large rivers. The facts speak for themselves. It is the largest tropical forest in the world, covering five million and a half square kilometers in nine countries, including Brazil, which presents 60% of the forest cover. It presents the highest biodiversity among all tropical forests in the world. One in ten known ...

  • Round baling of sugar beet pulp - Case study

    This is a case study of how the Flexus heavy duty round baling system is implemented at the sugar beet processing facility in Aarberg, Switzerland. Schweizer Zucker AG is baling around 30.000 tons of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Photovoltaic System

    Photovoltaic System

    Your livestock buildings are connected to the mains, but you want to reduce your energy costs permanently? SUNFarm helps you achieve just that. We will install modern solar panels on your buildings. These panels also reduce the cooling loads thanks to the shadow they create. Intelligent load management connects the photovoltaic system with the technology inside the barn. You can use the generated ...