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  • Combine Paddy Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Combine Paddy Harvester

    By Asian Power Cyclopes

    Combine Harvesters are designed for harvesting Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy etc. crops.These are modern machines enabling efficient and pure harvesting of crops even in very difficult field and climate conditions. These ...

  • Revolutionizing Blueberry Cultivation Bags
    Showcase Product

    Revolutionizing Blueberry Cultivation Bags

    By Galuku International Pty Ltd

    The Galuku Group created the Easyfil PlanterBags substrate growing system to revolutionize blueberry production. Made of organic coconut fiber, the system has proven to be successful for major berry growers such as ...

  • Telescopic gate for Livestock farms – T2-3/4M
    Showcase Product

    Telescopic gate for Livestock farms – T2-3/4M

    By LIMK Ltd.

    The telescopic gates manufactured by LIMK are hot-dip galvanized. The gates are made from two parts - basic and mobile module. The two parts go one inside the other and you no longer need to have the right sizes to ...

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  • Mechanicsburg Implement Inc.

    Mechanicsburg Implement Inc.

    Mechanicsburg Implement, located in Mechanicsburg, OH, is a full-service New Holland dealership. With an extensive inventory of new and used ...

  • Valoya Oy

    Valoya Oy

    Valoya is a provider of wide spectrum LED grow lights. Valoya’s patented wide spectra are designed to optimise growth for a variety of plants in ...

  • Mahindra USA, Inc.

    Mahindra USA, Inc.

    Mahindra USA is a manufacturer of Tractors and other farming equipment with assembly and distribution based in the the US. Our ultimate goal is to ...

  • Estes Performance Concaves

    Estes Performance Concaves

    #1 Aftermarket Combine Concaves - XPR Concave System. We have engineered and developed the most advanced concave system that threshes all crops, ...

  • TransGenada (TG)

    TransGenada (TG)

    Equipped with the most recent advances in biotechnology, TransGenada will overcome some of the most pressing global sustainability issues in the ...