Agriculture Plastic

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  • Agricultural Modular Floating Covers
    Showcase Product

    Agricultural Modular Floating Covers

    By Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC)

    IEC`s patented Agricultural Modular Cover Syst­em for ponds, tanks and lagoons is comprised of a series of individual casings, which are connected together to form a complete, agricultural floating cover system. ...

  • Baler Twines
    Showcase Product

    Baler Twines

    By Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

    Baler Twines for automatic baling machines. Baler Twines for binding machines. Twines for hand sewing of PP woven sacks. Produced from fibrillated polypropylene. Shrink - film packed. Spools for central - pull use, do ...

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  • Microbial Root Endophytes

    Microbial Root Endophytes

    Plant roots may not only be colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, but also by a myriad of bacterial and fungal root endophytes that are usually not ...

  • Degradable Polymers

    Degradable Polymers

    The emphasis in degradable polymers has changed since the first edition of this book. Biomedical and agricultural applications remain important ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

    Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

    PIPELIFE is Europe`s leading producer of plastic ppe systems in water, energy and industrial applications fo the improvement of scocitey world-wide. ...