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  • Farm Science Review

    Farm Science Review

    The Molly Caren Agricultural Center (MCAC) near London, Ohio is home to the Farm Science Review and attracts upwards of 140,000 visitors from all ...

  • Hollingsworths' Inc

    Hollingsworths' Inc

    Hollingsworths' Inc. was founded in 1939 by W.R. Hollingsworth and his son Ralph Hollingsworth. Bill Hollingsworth has been Operations Manager ...

  • House Committee on Agriculture

    House Committee on Agriculture

    ‘Agriculture is the basis of our national prosperity. It is the substratum of all other interests; and the degree of advancement which marks the ...

  • Cox Agri supply

    Cox Agri supply

    Cox Agri supply a comprehensive range of quality stockbreeder products to farmers across the UK, through an extensive network of agricultural ...

  • Techmagri UK

    Techmagri UK

    Welcome to the Techmagri UK It is our sincere hope that you will quickly realise we are not just another machinery sales company, but also a business ...