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  • What are the types of agricultural nitrogen fertilizer?

    What are the types of agricultural nitrogen fertilizer?

    It`s important to choose fertilizer for soil and cropThere are many types of nitrogen fertilizers, including compound fertilizers processed through the NPK fertilizer production line, so you may want to know which one to use. The key of agricultura


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  • Climate Controller for Agriculture

    Climate Controller for Agriculture

    Instead of struggling with individual thermostats for heat zones and ventilation, AC-2000 3G brings them all together into one convenient place with great accuracy. The AC-2000 3G optimizes and precisely applies your equipment and energy sources to most benefit from the accuracy of your computer and sensors.

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  • Canada`s Farm Show 2020

    Canada`s Farm Show 2020

    Canada’s Farm Show brings more than 30,000 producers, manufacturers, buyers and industry experts together for a global summit of innovation in dryland farming, technology, business, modern living and entertainment. For over 40 years, Canada’s Farm Show has connected producers, manufacturers and buyers from around the world to the latest innovations in dryland farming.