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  • Why Visit T-T?

    Here are some of things you might be interested in when visiting T-T.A T-T TourWith a tour around our offices you can get an introduction to each department, putting a face to those who you might ...


  • Today is National Agriculture Day

    Today, March 14, 2019, The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) hosts the 46th anniversary of National Agriculture Day. This year’s theme is “Agriculture: Food for Life.” Cornell Pump’s first pumps were irrigation pumps used ...

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  • Manure and Slurry Plants

    Manure and Slurry Plants

    Manure and slurry: Both are ideal and cost-effective substrates that can be easily converted to high-quality biogas, regardless of whether they are generated in individual large-scale operations or in regions where they are being processed. Depending on the underlying conditions, either compact liquid manure plants or industrial-scale biogas plants producing power in the megawatt range and which ...