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  • Front Snow Blades
    Showcase Product

    Front Snow Blades

    By Fissore s.n.c.

    This type of blade is fitted with a particularly sensitive and elastic spring cushion system. It allows work not only in the presence of numerous obstacles, but helps get past them quickly. Intended mainly for use on ...

  • Lateral Rotary Ditcher
    Showcase Product

    Lateral Rotary Ditcher

    By Fissore s.n.c.

    Lateral rotary ditcher that works in parallel with the tractor at a distance of 250 cm from the tractor`s center line. It`s equipped with an hydraulic cylinder that allows regulating the work height. For road transport, ...

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  • Fissore s.n.c.

    Fissore s.n.c.

    Established in Marene (CN) in 1968 as Fissore F.lli, the business initially focused on sales and repairs of agricultural equipment and iron work for ...