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  • Necessity of the development of new organic fertilizer equipment

    Necessity of the development of new organic fertilizer equipment

    1. The necessity of developing new organic fertilizer. Fertilizer is one of the decisive factors for the high yield and quality of grain. The use of fertilizer has made a great contribution to the increase of crop production and the alleviation of food shortage. Fertilizer plays a very important role. In the past, the fertilizers used by people were relatively single, lacking fertilizers for ...

  • Almond Grower Slashes Water Usage

    The American south-west and central plains could be on course for super-droughts the like of which they have not witnessed in over a 1,000 years. Places like California are already facing very dry ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Weather Station

    Weather Station

    With this unit you can keep track of areas of agricultural interest by monitoring parameters such as wind speed and direction Air temperature. Solar radiation, air humidity Rain Temperature Barometric Pressure Leaf wetness of the soil Soil Moisture Evapotranspiration.

Upcoming Events

  • Canada`s Farm Show 2020

    Canada`s Farm Show 2020

    Canada’s Farm Show brings more than 30,000 producers, manufacturers, buyers and industry experts together for a global summit of innovation in dryland farming, technology, business, modern living and entertainment. For over 40 years, Canada’s Farm Show has connected producers, manufacturers and buyers from around the world to the latest innovations in dryland farming.