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  • Soil Moisture Monitoring – Pastures Case Study

    Soil Moisture Monitoring – Pastures Case Study

    Agriculture Victoria has installed several soil moisture probes on a range of soil and pasture types across Victoria.Soil moisture probes have helped with making early decisions in the cropping industry for some time with monthly analysis produced as a newsletter by Dale Boyd.The probes are capacitance enviropro probes manufactured in South Australia and are 80 centimetres long with eigh


Equipment & Solutions

  • Open End Soil Probes

    Open End Soil Probes

    Open End Soil Probes allow you to take shallow samples and are primarily used in agricultural applications. The AMS open end soil probe collects a 1" diameter sample that is about 15" long. The probe is made of nickel-plated, 4130 chrome molybdenum steel. The slot in the cylinder is cut all the way through the end of the probe to facilitate emptying of the soil sample. The open end soil probe ...