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  • Agricultural Wrap
    Showcase Product

    Agricultural Wrap

    By PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

    Agricultural plastics are recyclable and their management in a working yard can be problematic. These plastics; silage wraps, sheeting, bags and other such materials are bulky and depositing these wastes in bins is a ...

  • Weed Screen
    Showcase Product

    Weed Screen

    By KT Canada Corp.

    These are made from reinforced, lightweight, clear keep wind and rain out of work spaces while letting necessary light through.

  • Fixed Slurry Mixer With Directional Booster
    Showcase Product

    Fixed Slurry Mixer With Directional Booster

    By farmatic tank systems

    Extremely effective for dissolving thick floating layers and sediments. No external foundation socket necessary. Secure installation on four steel beams. Jet direction can be altered variably in 360° by rotating the ...

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  • K-Line Agriculture

    K-Line Agriculture

    We are an Australian owned, family run business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of quality agricultural machinery. With a focus on research ...

  • Fattori Srl

    Fattori Srl

    Fattori produces prefabricated agricultural structures in reinforced concrete, controlling the whole production cycle. The corporate structure boasts ...

  • SA Grain Services

    SA Grain Services

    SA Grain Services specialises in providing quality, on-farm storage and technology products and services to farmers and agricultural storage agents ...

  • GPS Ontario

    GPS Ontario

    GPS Ontario was Founded in 2000, What Started out a Single Product Line Company has Evolved into a Complete Presision Agriculture Company. We pride ...

  • Acme Bag Co, Inc.

    Acme Bag Co, Inc.

    The Acme Group of Companies is a leading distributor of agricultural/ horticultural packaging, erosion/sedimentation products, and environment safe ...