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  • Brexit: How to enter the UK market in case of a hard-Brexit

    With the final Brexit date getting closer and still no certainty on the possible Brexit withdrawal agreement, a hard Brexit on 29 March 2019 becomes more likely.EU legislation has been published to deal with the EU type-approvals issued by UK authorities and the UK government is also developing procedures with respect to placing on the UK market vehicles and machines. What needs to be done exactl

  • Why We Launched Indigo Transport

    The automotive industry boomed in the United States during the mid-twentieth century. This paired with the development of an interstate highway system led to a new method for the transport of ...


  • Andre Syben, AG Technology Cambridge

    After talking with many of his contracting mates and knowing what other leading contractors own, Andre Syben of AG Technology in Cambridge spent a full day checking out every available tip trailer at the 2013 National Fieldays. He returned the next ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Root Vegetables Harvester

    Root Vegetables Harvester

    Root harvester ALINA SUPERNOVA is suitable for larger vegetable cultivation areas with high crop. It is compatible with tractors having minimum 80 HP and with various kinds of trailers. ALINA SUPERNOVA is ideal for every root vegetables production field. Modern and functional technical solutions guarantee effective picking and high quality of crop. Harvester is equipped with digging function, ...