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  • How to build the perfect levee in 5 steps

    In June, the rice-planting season will shift into high gear across the country. And as anyone who has worked with rice knows, it’s unique because of the irrigated conditions it’s grown in. For the crop to be a success, you need a levee that produces the right controlled flooding environment.To help you be successful this season, AMCO has created this guide to building levees that ...

  • Wide Area Mowing with 50HP

    When mounted on a compact tractor, the 4m Major Swift trailed roller mower delivers performance, efficiency and reliability for the dedicated team of groundskeepers at Blundell’s School in ...


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  • Under Tree Mower

    Under Tree Mower

    Under tree mower, LUCEK DUO is designed for mowing weeds in the rows of trees and shrubs. The use of the under-tree mower can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of herbicides in the production of the orchard. This reduces the cost of maintenance and facilitates organic farming.