Agriculture ventilation

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  • HVLS Fan For Agriculture

    HVLS Fan For Agriculture

    HVLS Fan For AgricultureIf your are raising livestock, you must have meet some problems, such as moisture, pathogens, heat and smelly gases. So proper ventilation is a serious business. In order to protect the health of those who work with the animals and their own safety, it is quite necessary to remove these unhealthy substance regularly and efficiently from the space. Our traditiona

  • Huxley hutterite brethren colony case study

    A. Farm Description Barn Type: 80 stall free stall barn with saw dust on floor. Manure Handling: Barn houses 80 cows over 8 pits, each 7 feet deep and 12 feet wide. Manure is stored under the slatted ...


  • Stored Grain Poses Danger

    Remember these safety reminders when working around full binsIf you have any grain left from last fall’s harvest and plan to clean out your bins once you finish planting, remember not to enter a bin when unloading or breaking up a mass of ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fan Assemblies for Agricultural Sprayers

    Fan Assemblies for Agricultural Sprayers

    The sprayer units are available in different versions with possibility of customizations. They can be supplied assembled or unassembled, galvanized or not galvanized, or stainless steel. The nozzles are not provided by us. The gearboxes, the fans and the centrifugal clutches are of Fieni own production. We can also supply individual components. Protection in accordance with UNI EN 294 - Fan ...