Agriculture ventilation

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  • Automated Dairy Barn Ventilation Controller
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    Automated Dairy Barn Ventilation Controller

    By AutoVent LLC

    The VentGenie is the perfect solution for the challenges of ventilating in changeable Springtime weather. Warm and windless days trigger tunnel mode or overhead fans, keeping your cows cool. The VentGenie can sense ...

  • Greenhouse
    Showcase Product


    By Orgil Greenhouses Agriculture consulting

    Panas Greenhouse- The Panas Greenhouse was developed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops. These high-technology greenhouses are based on the last developments in the ...

  • Grain Aerator
    Showcase Product

    Grain Aerator

    By Crocus

    The Crocus grain aerator is designed to reduce humidity in stored cereals. The grain aerator consists of a 1.9 m. long perforated spear equipped with a handle that makes it easy to operate. Air is supplied by a 1,1 kW ...

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    Remember these safety reminders when working around full binsIf you have any grain left from last ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • EPA Products Limited

    EPA Products Limited

    EPA Products is a supplier of control systems, alarm systems, Ziehl fans and poultry house lighting systems primarily to the agricultural sector, but ...

  • Faromor Ltd

    Faromor Ltd

    Faromor Ltd began manufacturing and marketing natural ventilation for the agricultural industry. Today, Faromor has become an icon for natural ...

  • VES Environmental Solutions, LLC

    VES Environmental Solutions, LLC

    VES Environmental Solutions LLC website is North America’s premium designer, manufacture and component sourcing company. VES Environmental Solutions, ...

  • Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

    Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

    SCHAEFER is part of Pinnacle Climate Technologies - The Worldwide Leader of the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Market. With over 65 years of ...

  • De Gier Drive Systems

    De Gier Drive Systems

    De Gier Drive Systems is an international progressive company that produces drive systems for use in the horticulture, agriculture and utility ...